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The Nothingness.

 Nothingness is Indestructible. The Invincible. Incomprehensible. The Absolute. The Infinite.

Space appears to be nothing at all, when actually space is no mere "nothing"--after all, solids can't do without it. Space and solids are actually two aspects of the same thing, different but inseparable, just as with the front end and the rear end of a car. Solid goes with space in the same way light goes with dark and here goes with there. 

Everything is relation, and you're right in the middle of it. In fact, you are It! Notice also, that one of the key aspects of this little thought experiment with the balls is the question of locating a point of reference by which to measure or determine what is what, whether it's moving or still, where it's moving to,  and other such questions. 

Without a point of reference, none of the normal perceptions of location, identity, and motion, the basic aspects of what we consider to be "reality", would make sense. To experience the third dimension you must have a point of reference. Without one, everything collapses.

Here's what happens when there is no individual you... When you have a true mystical experience of unity consciousness, where your individual identity (or, rather, the illusion of your individual identity) disappears, several things happen.

First, you notice that there is no reference point! In terms of who and what you are (and where), there just isn't anything to hang onto. With nothing to hang onto, there is no you! In other words, the illusion of you and the illusion of a reference point go together--they are another of those polarities. No you, no reference point. No reference point, no you. There's just the entire going on of it all, and when this happens it is very clear that you all of it!

There is UNITY, One ORIGIN, the Primodial Ancestors, Wholeness Perspective, The Source Intelligent, External Watcher and  Source Codes that operate directly with you or me.

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